Issue  # 3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             June 2008

This is just the begining of the next update.

  This is a crazed fan wearing one of my new rubber hoods. 

This is yet another crazed fan showing off the marks left by one of my padcrops. ( as well as her lovely fanny)




                               Babeland  is a great place to shop for all kinds of toys. They have locations in Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York.

                               If you can't make it to one of their locations, then follow the above link and check out their online store.

                                                                      Great people, great products, great service, and a treasured customer of mine.


Issue #2.5                                                                                                                                                            Dec  2007

Just a very short update here, I'm heavily involved in some R&D right now. This is mostly to announce that Black Sun Products is registered to exhibit once again at the DOMCON show in Los Angeles May of this coming




I'll have a new display and some new products as well as some more one of a kind pieces. Here are some masks.......


More info later.  Just come to the show, Its bigger and better every year .

Take care and have a lovely holiday.





Issue #2                                                                                                                                                                                            July   2007

Thought I'd better publish another newsletter page before this started looking more like an annual report rather than a newsletter. I'm putting this one right on top of the last one because at the time I published issue #1, I was having some e-mail problems with my ISP and out of all the people I sent it to, I don't know who all recieved it and who didn't.

Back in April, I once again had the great pleasure of exhibiting at the Domcon L.A. show at the Hilton LAX. And as per usual, I had the pleasure of meeting some great people. Begining with Sonny Black, who is well known for his dungeon furniture. Jewell Marceau, really terrific person. Hilary, of Hilarys parties, who looked great in her Easter bunny outfit.  Summer Cummings, very sweet person. And also Natalie and Nina from The Dominion in Los Angeles.

Veronica Vinyl, ............................go to her website and buy her cigarette torture video.



Well, here is a cane with a handle textured with Barbie doll heads.



Obviously their heads were shorn, and the hair used for ornamenting the rear end of the handle. But the main feature of the handle is the groove at the foreward end of the handle. As you turn the handle around, the groove suggests a bleeding cut. Perhaps the one that severed all the heads.

This particular cane, a cockroack ballchain flog, and one of the " Story of the Eye" dildos were made for an up coming movie called, " Carnival Whores". I'll be sure to let you all know about the film upon its release.




This single tail silicone whip was created for Christine Kessler. It was made to resemble an old style syrenge.


Ms. Kessler is a fantastic fetish photographer, so I hope she gets some good use out of this one. Be sure to visit her site.

Here's some more detail of the syrenge whip.......

    Image of another single tail silicone whip made for another customer.




                                              Another item from the standard line, the multi-loop spanker.


Made with the same handle as the single loop, this spanker is fitted with multiple rubber loops of smaller diameter. Nowhere near the painful sting as the single loop but this item seems to be just as popular.

These things look fantastic right after you coat them with some protectant.


A picture from the Domcon L.A.  2007 show, Jewell marceau with one of my padcrops. Be sure to visit her website.



Here are some links...........

This is a link to a PDF of Georges Bataille's " Story of the Eye" ,  enjoy.       A fetish oriented wikipedia.       Tony mitchell's new online magazine. Good for us all to buy some advertising space from him.    Bizarre small busineses. Lots of interesting items.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments and of course retailers who would like to carry Black Sun Products.

Thats it for the second newletter.

Take care.  B


More to come.........



Issue  #1                                                                                                                                                                                           OCTOBER  2006



           After kicking the idea around for over a year, here is the new Black Sun Products newsletter. I'm getting    familiar with some new software so if it looks a little bland this time then thats why.

If you have never been exposed to Black Sun Products, you can see the website here. If you have, then please continue.
I'm going to show some standard products and then some of the one of a kind products that you're probably not going to find in your local retail outlets in the BDSM section.


Had a great time exhibiting at the Domcon show back in April. Met some terrific people . Among the many were, Sabrina from who took some photo's of one of my more contraversial toys, that I have to be somewhat careful about who I show it to. Juli and Chris from who later placed orders with me, terrific folks! Heather and Tony from AVN magazine. Sir Roger from Red Bunns In, who's wife runs an organisation that helps get mammograms for people who can't afford them. Realy great folks.  Ms. Voraz "The Torture artist". Master G  from Draggon's Lair, If you need a great piece of dungeon furniture, contact Master G .   And Master Max from Leather Byrd Specialties, he makes great flogs, whips and canes. Mistress Porche Lynn and Lady Sherri ( Who looked absolutely amazing! ) And Tony Mitchell from SKIN TWO Magazine. SKIN TWO magazine has been more than generous to me on getting my products exposed the world. I'm endlessly grateful for them. Isabella Sinclaire, And last but cirtainly not least, Mistress Cyan who did such a great job of putting on the event. I will continue to do her shows as long as they put them on.


Some of you have asked about the pictures in the add in issue #56 of Skin Two magazine, so I will explain.
The left hand side picture is of two dildos that were inspired by Georges Bataille's book
"Story of the Eye" If you've read the book then you know why I made them to look as if they had an eye that looks like it has been gouged out cast inside them.


The photo on the right side is of a prosthetic leg with a cuck-coo clock installed. The cuck-oo that comes out, is a flog weilding Dominatrix with a double amputation at the knees. I won't bore you all with the details on what went into the amalgam of that idea (Hans Bellmer was some influence). But I will tell you that I made one of these for a well known celebrity that called me...." The demented gift that keeps on giving".



Now for one of the "One of a kind" products.

Always having had a facination with antique medical insturments. Thats what inspired this one.

A ballchain flog, The brass fittings at each end of the handle are made to suggest old antique medical insturments. Insturments from a time when getting medical help was almost as dangerous as the disease or injury.
The main body of the flog is clear acrylic tubing. In that tubing are real cockroaches cast in resin.
Here are some close-ups.


Not the greatest pictures, I know, I'll post some better ones at a later date.  If I say so myself, it is a pretty creepy item to be sure. There's plenty more where this one came from. Saved for newsletters to come.



And lastly I'll show one of the oldest and still by far the best selling of the standard items...... The Padcrop.


About 23 inches long with a rubber textured handle at one end, and a 2 and a half inch in diameter silicone pad at the other. Upon impact, that silicone pad makes a very loud smack.
(see film clip)
This is a "More bark than bite" type of insturment, but there is a slight sting to it. A pretty straight forward impact toy really. The silicone pad with its red satiny appearance, was inspired by a recording I once heard of an interview with a schizophrenic woman. Word salad mostly, but at one point during the interview she kept repeating the words,"Satin blood". Of course that created a vivid image in my mind. One that came back to me the first time I added red pigment to my silicone. The material I make molds out of is what gives the satin appearance to the red silicone. This has become yet another way for me to inject some of my existentialist ideology into all my products. I want all my red silicone items to appear as if they were made out of blood.



Here are some links for you all to enjoy.

Marc42 Sculpture Designs

baby art 2002

Hans Bellmer Online

Dream Anatomy: Gallery

The Marsden Archive


I think thats enough for the first newsletter. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments and of course retailers who would like to carry Black Sun Products.

Take care .    B

Oct.  2006