Custom Made Products

B.S.P. Will also manufacture custom designed accessories.

If you want your own design made,you must provide B.S.P. with a detailed drawing. A well done blueprint would be best,but a good clean free-hand drawing with dimentions will suffice. Or if you have an idea for something,B.S.P will do the designing.{this is the preferred method}

Just E-mail your design or idea to B.S.P. and after working out any details that may pop up,B.S.P. will reply via E-mail,with a quote.

You also have the option of mixing and matching the handles and the tails on any of the standard models of whips.For example,you can order a whip with the handle of WP#2 , with a WP#3 tail or vice versa.E-mail for prices on mix and match before ordering.

B.S.P. will consider making most anything{so long as its within the law}

Past custom items have included: dildo harnesses ,Whips, saddles, various kinds of restraints, and too many other things to list. Some of these items will appear on the gallery page.

So if you've got an idea, send it in.

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